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Landscape Oil Paintings

Friday Apr 23, 2010

Landscapes Oil PaintingsThere are of course innumerable kinds of landscapes. Indeed, one of the joys in painting them is the freedom to choose this particular topography or that genus of shrub, this sort of weather or that thickness of cloud. Sometimes the mere inclusion of a faintly drawn person or wisp of smoke from an unseen chimney can change the whole character of your work. As your proficiency in landscapes increases, so too will your pleasure in their immense variety.

Of course this variety also presents something of a problem, namely, which sort of a landscape should I choose for this instruction? I decided, first of all, that trees are indispensable, though many of my customers do enjoy seascapes as well. Yet seascapes would involve additional complications that would stretch the scope of this article. I decided that a good compromise would be to do trees along a river bank. That way we can practice all the rudiments of a good landscape: grass, trees, sky and water. Read the rest of this entry »

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