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Learn to Paint Realistic

If I told you that you could learn a simple lesson to paint like a photograph, would you believe me? If YES then you must Click Here NOW!

If you don’t believe me then read what Carol from VA said about this brilliant painting lesson.

All I can say is THANK YOU! I am not a formal artist, but have always loved art and want to learn to paint. You are so clear in your presentations, all my questions that I have never understood, are answered now. I took 1 class at the Visual Art Center in Richmond, started my first picture…which is not your layered technique, but was left with many questions on how to continue. You have given me inspiration…I will get started, and am anxious to start another picture using your stages as described in your book.This is the best $$$ I’ve ever spent! Thank you, Carol

Carol went from beginner to creating beautiful realistic paintings like this:

paint like the Masters

More on the How to Paint Realistic Course
This course is for all levels of painting. Beginner to the experienced painter this is an amazing course. Delmus Phelps starts the course by covering everything you need from canvas to painting supplies. He will give you tips and tricks on what he has found that works and doesn’t work. He will help you save time and money before you even dive in. He will then cover brush strokes and master techniques to painting. He will also help to keep you free of anxiety so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

For a step by step explanation of 400 yr old painting technique that makes painting Easy! With hundreds of sales on eBay®, this is a hot course. This course is a must buy and it is only $27.90. This will be the best $27.90 you have ever spent on your hobby!

Here are some great testimonials from this course of how to paint realistic.

More Testimonials

From BB:

“32 years ago I had just given birth to my 5th child. A month early, she weighed 11 pounds, 14 1/2 ounces, breech. I was so jazzed I walked the halls all night. The nurses kept trying to get me to go lie down but I was supercharged. and oddly, it was not the birthing of a baby, it was the birthing of an idea. The calendar over the nurses station was a photo of Picasso Blue Period, where he drew/painted a lady on a piece of masonite or paper bag. I “saw” that for the first time. I’d already had a semester with Siegfried Hahn, and I knew sharp focus was the way I wanted to work. I also knew the Old Masters way was the vehicle. I could never find the “notes” to back me up. I started back to college when my 9th child started first grade. I was 48 years old. Four years to get my BAFA. And now I have this lesson that will help me do it “my way” finally. I wish I had this ebook lesson back in 2000 to show my professors that I did know there was a process that they refused to teach me. FINALLY! My thanks. “

From Horst in Germany:

“Best book on the subject I’ve seen so far – many thanks!”

For a full page of information on the course so you know exactly what you are paying for click the Buy Now banner below and read more information on this amazing course that will jump start your painting career!

Oil Painting Lessons

To start the lesson follow the steps below:

Read Introduction on Landscape Oil Paintings

To start the lesson follow the steps below:

Read Introduction on Landscape Oil Paintings

Follow Oil Painting Lesson Step 1

Follow Oil Painting Lesson Step 2

Follow Oil Painting Lesson Step 3

Follow Oil Painting Lesson Step 4

Follow Oil Painting Lesson Step 5

Follow Oil Painting Lesson Step 6

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