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Learn Oil Painting

Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

Learn Oil PaintingThis is a one session oil painting

Oil Painting Materials Needed:

  1. A photo to reference for your painting.
  2. Canvas panel.
  3. Canvas mount or easel.
  4. Oil paints, using colors from your photo.
  5. Mineral spirits.
  6. Brushes

To start the process, lets work on a canvas panel mounted on a board. Then take your photo reference for the oil painting and have it next to your canvas. Read the rest of this entry »

Scumbling, Stippling and Sponging

Thursday Mar 4, 2010


Scumbling is painting thin layers of opaque light color over dark colors, which gives a broken color effect. Scumbling is rather like glazing, but with light colors over dark. The colors mix optically rather than on the palette, and the result is shimmery, opalescent.



Stippling is similar to scumbling but you are adding more texture than contrast. Same strokes of paint but you are working for a texture effect instead of a color effect.



Is using a seas spong to create dimensional paint. It is similar to stippling but you are using a thicker surface and creating a more dynamic color and texture effect.

Read the rest of this entry »

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