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Painting Mediums

Saturday Apr 24, 2010

painting mediumsOne of the great mysteries in painting concerns finding and using a medium. Some artists search and find just what they want. As for myself, I find that I have to change the medium with each picture I am about to paint. If I am going to do a lot of underpainting and glazing, then the medium will have to have properties that suit that final effect. What is proper for glazing does not suffice for alta prima painting.

By learning and understanding the many different vehicles and how they will perform, you will build a sound knowledge of their usage. It does not make sense to me to search for a medium that will do all things, such as I dry slow, dry fast, be opaque, be transparent. The artist can from the outset easily select the ingredients for his medium that will do the job for his particular painting. A reliable painting medium, if used with knowledge and used sparingly, should hold up well and cause no bad effects in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Painting Class Tampa

Monday Apr 12, 2010

Painting Class TampaIf you live in or near Tamp Florida and you are looking for a place to learn some canvas painting techniques then we highly recommend Painting with a Twist. Painting with a Twist is a fun and relaxing place to take a painting class. There is one in St. Petersburg, Florida and it is a very short drive from Tampa. What makes this painting experience so fun is the concept. Painting with a Twist is not just a serious painting class but a social event where you are welcomed to bring in your favorite beverage.

The concept started in New Orleans, Louisiana. It takes after the culture of food, wine, the arts and a good time! Painting with a Twist does a great job in emulating the New Orleans experience. The owners of Painting with a Twist in St. Petersburg are original from New Orleans. They relocated after Katrine. Read the rest of this entry »

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